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2024 Volunteers


We cannot do this race without volunteers like you.  We know your time is valuable and we want to show our thanks.  See below for what you can receive for your volunteer time.

  • $100 race credit towards a 2025 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race (Mountain Bike or Gravel) for working at least an 8-hour shift.

  • Lodging provided in a cabin (TBD) if needed.

  • Three meals provided each day you volunteer.

  • Race SWAG. SWAG TBD based on how many days you volunteer.


*$100 race credit can be for yourself or passed onto a friend or family member.  To qualify for this, you must work your entire shift agreed upon.  2024 volunteer hours credit goes towards a 2025 event only unless otherwise agreed upon.

You Want To Be An Epic Volunteer
Please fill in the info below and we'll be in touch!
What day(s) are you available?
I can be used for.....

*We will do our best to get you into a position of your choosing when a spot is available.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch as we get closer to the event.

Explanation of Volunteer Positions

-Event/Camp Setup (TUE): Work will start at 1:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon.  This will consist of setting up start/finish, touching up cabins if needed, setting up dining hall, etc.


-Event/Camp Setup (WED): Finish anything not completed on Tuesday.


-Registration (WED): Register participants and hand out race swag.


-Late Registration (THUR AM): Register any racers that couldn't make Wednesday night registration.


-Course Marking (WED-SAT): Marking courses will consist of doing so by driving in a vehicle, a few sections may have to be done on foot/bicycle.  Courses will be marked with a combination of arrows stapled to a wooden stake and plastic a-frames.  Stages will be marked the day before the stage.  For example, Stage 1 that takes place on Thursday will be marked on Wednesday.


-Pre-Driver (THUR-SUN): A Pre-Driver will drive the route the day of the stage.  You will leave a few hours before the stage starts to ensure markings are correct and fix any issues you may come across.


-Course Marshal - Static (THUR-SUN): This position will be posted around the course at road crossings to help direct racers.  

-Course Marshal - Motorcycle (THUR-SUN): These marshals would drive around the course during the stage to keep track of racers and be first responders to any incidents.  You would need to own your own motorcycle that is able to travel on forest and main roads.

-Course Sweeper (THUR-SUN): Sweepers would drive behind the last racers and pull all course markings as you come across them.

-Aid Station (THUR-SUN): Help participants at an aid station by filling up water and handing out food.

-Finish Line Chip Timing Collection (SUN): You would be positioned at the finish of the last stage to cut off timing chips that would be zip tied to the racers bikes.


-Tear Down/Cleanup (SUN): Once the final awards are done, we will start cleaning up certain things around the camp.


-Tear Down/Cleanup (MON): Finish whatever was not finished on Sunday from cleanup.  This would consist of packing trailer of start/finish area, cleaning cabins, etc. 

-Put Me Where You Need Me: You don't really care what you do, you just want to help.

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